Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Sikh Channel

I have always been a bit worried about the Sikh Channel (sky 840) and the direction in which it is heading. Having watched the channel develop over the last year and a bit, it has improved, but not nearly enough; as it should have I feel.

I went to the year anniversary for the Sikh Channel in Birmingham and was surprised to read their Boucher, which stated ‘we started with no aims and objectives’; to me this didn’t make sense.

I understand you are doing something for the community, but you should at least have one aim or objective, like ‘we want to provide a channel which increases the knowledge of Sikhism amongst the Sikh Youth’

To me it seems a bit of a desi way of working, lets just see what happens, but you can’t run like that if you’re taking money from the Sangat! The worst thing I feel the Sikh Channel is doing currently is putting old, ego filled ‘Sikhs’ in front of the camera. I am a young Sikh, but I can only watch the Sikh Channel when they have Keertan on, otherwise my I can’t stand to watch the unprofessional structure that it operates in.

When I was at the meeting, they said the channel should only be for Sikhs, even the workers should only be Sikh (as there was a young black camera man) and I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t think a little before speaking. If that person had got up and said ‘we should promote the Sikh Youth into the Channel and get the experts to train them up so that in the near future we can get our children to run our channel’ I’m sure everyone would have agreed with him.

The main thing is that the Sikh Channel has just started, so has Amrit Bani TV (online only) and with Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Kirpa, the channel will be a success and prove me wrong.

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